Video Analytics as a Service

GoodVision Video Insights is a cloud service, which uses Artificial Intelligence with Cloud-computing for rapid extraction of objects and events from camera videos in a way a human would do it.  As an advanced analytics solution, it provides reusable source of reliable data – analytic & statistical insights for decision making in smart city or retail, and the data visualization web application.

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Insights For Retail

GoodVision provides brick-and-mortar retailers the same level of shopper insights as those used by the most sophisticated e-commerce sites. Retailers’ decisions then take advantage of customer behavior and convert browsers into buyers.

Insights For SmartCity

GoodVision makes video recordings one of the most important assets of the city. It offers comprehensive analyses and statistics about flows under city cameras for better urban planning, traffic management and location analysis.

Insights For Security

Goodvision provides security operators immediate retrieval of events they are looking for. From business security to law enforcement, it is absolutely beyond the mental capacity of humans to process all incoming streams accordingly.

GoodVision Video Insights

Eye-watering Features

6 Reasons Why GoodVision Is The Right Video Analytics You Need

1. Visual Analytics

Perform video intelligence over video metadata and visualize and breakdown the data on our interactive web dashboard.

Filters, graphs and managerial reports

Draw the zones of interest. Filter by the object attributes and time. Apply AI behavioral analytical functions. Consume analytics via web application, data exports or API.

2. Deep Learning

GoodVision is powered by deep Convolutional Neural Networks used to determine types of visual patterns in the video footage.

what we see is what we extract

Every important object and event in the video is detected, classified and extracted into the secured video metadata archive, which is up to 1000x smaller than the original video.

3. Rapid Processing

Running in a scalable cloud environment ensures highly parallel processing. This makes video analytics an immediate experience!

Be honest to yourself...

You don’t have months of waiting for lengthy analyses to finish, get results within minutes. Cloud video analysis is your only bet for quickly processing huge piles of video data without the limitations of on-premise HW configurations.

4. Anonymity

Data obtained from the video is anonymous. The transmission and storage of video during processing is secured and encrypted.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Video data is processed on the fly, in a short time necessary for metadata extraction. Objects and events are completely anonymized during the analysis and their reverse identification is not possible. 

5. Instant Results

User data analysis happens after the video processing. Get the results instantly every time you change the criteria. You own the data.

Video as a valuable future asset

You can delete the original video once extracted. Perform BI over your data anytime in the future, compare it to other data, make summaries, slice & dice, filter and search for events. No need to process the video again.

6. Camera Independence

Agnostic and compatible with all standard video formats and IP cameras. No need to commit to a specific camera manufacturer.

No need for any HW or SW

No hardware or software is needed to process or store the data. GoodVision is a SaaS transforming existing video surveillance systems into comprehensive intelligence tools, unifying analysis for traffic, retail and security.

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Get Structured Information From The Video In 3 Simple Steps

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Instant Video Insights

Don’t Wait Weeks For Inacurately Surveyed Data

How do you search for events in your video today? GoodVision interactive web app allows you to search for events like magic wand and displays the results right away.

Time Filters

Limit the preferred time interval of the video to be searched

This feature allows you to pick a time interval to narrow your search and statistics. What about looking at peak hour in greater detail?

Graphical Filters

Draw lines and zones on the screen and limit the search to events on them.

How many shoppers are entering your store? Draw a line at the entrance. How many people stopped at your display? Draw a polygon there and find out. Anywhere, anytime, repeatedly.

Attribute Filters

Limit search by object classes, colors, and other relevant attributes

How much freight traffic crosses the junction? Or are you specifically looking for blue, slow-driving trucks? Choose the attributes that are relevant to your search. Class, color, speed and more.

Analytical Filters

Apply advanced analytic functions to the data to get more specific information

Sometimes you need to look for objects according to their behavior. For cars that stopped. For people who stood in the same place for some time. For spots with accelerating or decelerating traffic.

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